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More information about our Mobile Communication Solutions!

Prophesy TrackerDispatch

Introducing the next generation in intelligent dispatch!

Prophesy TrackerDispatch is an advanced tracking system which allows your dispatcher to account for the daily operations of each and every truck you run, absolutely automatically, through our easy to use GPS-enabled mobile communications system.

This solution is fully integrated with our industry-preferred Prophesy DispatchSeries software, bringing you the ultimate fleet management tool on the market today!

This powerful combination allows you to:

• Know instantly when scheduled appointments are running behind schedule.

• Never second guess where your trucks and loads are (or have been)

• See your entire fleet on digitally enhanced, full-color maps.

• Receive automated mobile check calls from drivers

• Take control by quickly identifying service delays and out-of-route conditions in real time

• Two way messaging and data relay between dispatcher desktop and driver mobile device

"Better integration, more GPS data, and full ETA calculation at about 1/3 the cost of a traditional system."
• And much more...

Please read on for details, or give us a call now at 800-776-6706

Traditionally, onboard tracking systems simply tell you where your vehicles are, Prophesy’s solution doesn't stop there. Our solution pinpoints your vehicle locations and then processes this information to report accurate departures, arrivals, missed appointments, planned and unplanned stops, mileage by state, delays, and moving ETA's.

Your route and scheduled itineraries are electronically sent, stored, viewed and managed on the drivers’ handheld phones, allowing you to significantly reduce and even eliminate the need for voice communication between driver and dispatcher saving hours and hours of unnecessary phone time.

You will:

• Know instantly when your scheduled appointments are running behind schedule.
• Never second guess where your trucks and loads are (or have been)

We have developed our Mobile Comm solutions to work with a series of Nextel® GPS, Java-enabled phones. Home-base data transmission is managed by your Prophesy Dispatch software automatically. Create and send detailed load information, important messages, and other critical information to your fleet, Anytime! Anywhere! Drivers will respond to your dispatcher through a simple, user-friendly interface right on their phone, entering actual arrival and departure times, quantities of goods, BOL and much more. When Dispatch receives a Mobile Comm check call from the phone it processes the information and automatically adjusts ETAs, quantities, and other customer records, saving you time and helping you operate more efficiently.

GPS Mobile Comm solutionProphesy TrackerDispatch delivers immediate results and return on investment, empowering you to:

• Easily manage your dispatch process
• Track your fleet in real time
• Send and receive detailed instructions and trip information to your drivers
• Receive notifications of changes to critical load details
• Receive automatic updates and adjustments to ETAs, quantities and other important customer records

Prophesy Mobile Communications solutions are also available in TrackerPlus and Tracker levels, for trucking companies who do not require the full benefits of dispatch integration. Request more information about our Mobile Communication solutions

TrackerDispatch Benefits and Features

To learn more about our solutions or to schedule a complimentary web demo, please contact us at 1-800-776-6706.

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