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Prophesy Unveils Powerful Online WebMilerTM.

Mileage System specifically for Trucking adopted by Fortune 100 Companies at onset.

Bloomfield, CT – April 19, 2005 – Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc. a leading provider of comprehensive software solutions for trucking since 1984, has released a powerful new online commercial mileage, routing and mapping solution called WebMilerTM. This web-based solution is already revolutionizing the way shippers and trucking companies work together. WebMiler provides a secure web environment where consistent up-to-the-minute mileages and routes are imperative. Companies using WebMiler are able to generate and report miles, routes, driving directions, driving times, and detailed street-level maps between any points in North America.

The new browser-based solution allows shipping and trucking companies alike to certify that they are consistent when calculating mileages and routes for billing, driver pay, fuel-taxes, etc. between any commercial lanes they travel. Also, WebMiler delivers the ideal solution for companies with remote locations.

Unlike all of the free non-commercial online mapping predecessors available on the internet, WebMiler is designed specifically for commercial shipping and trucking companies. Prophesy WebMiler considers truck heights, bridge heights, low underpasses, commercial road restrictions, and seasonal closures to ensure that their commercial vehicles are routed safely and legally from their first stop to their last. The system provides practical driving miles and routes or industry standard rating (ISR) miles, and even features a mileage summary by state to aid with fuel tax reporting.

“Prophesy WebMiler is the perfect choice for shippers and trucking companies that are searching for a standard commercial mileage and routing solution that is accurate, reliable, and consistent”, said Bill Ashburn, Prophesy Vice President. “We have already implemented the solution with a large Fortune 100 company who chose the Prophesy WebMiler solution to provide consistent calculations throughout the 60 fleets that they employ.”

To learn more about Prophesy WebMiler, contact Prophesy Transportation Solutions at 800.776.6706 or via email at

About Prophesy
Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of software, Internet and mobile communications solutions to the transportation, logistics, and distribution industries. Since 1984, Prophesy has offered products and services for dispatch, accounting, mobile communications, logistics management, loadbuilding, mileage and routing, fuel purchase optimization, fuel and road tax reporting, driver log auditing, driver management, and vehicle maintenance. For more information, please visit, for Mobile Communications Software or for Logistics Software on the Internet, or contact Prophesy Transportation Solutions, Inc. at 1-800-776-6706.

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